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Microbotlabs designs and makes quality full featured educational DIY Robot Kits.  Our kits are Designed for makers, hobbyist, students and everyone who is interested in learning more about how robots work and how they are programed. Kits provides a great introduction to industrial robotics and motion control concepts by building real robots.  Our kits are constantly evolving (ArmUno, Armio, Robotio) with new designs and options enabling you to choose the kit that is right for you.

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PIXY2, OpenMV H7, jevois-A33 Machine Vision Camera Module Mounting Plates

We are making it easy to start experimenting with machine vision cameras on the Anitron Pan tilt and the Armio C4S robotic arm kits. Available by request, if interested use the contact link for availability and more information.

PIXY2, OpenMV H7, jevois-A33 Machine Vision Camera Module Mounting Plates for Anitron Pan Tilt and Armio C4S Robotic Arm kits

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Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 Friendly

Pre drilled hole patterns in the ArmUno 2.0 robot arm allow easy mounting of popular programmable micro controllers. Explore servo motor and sensor interfacing with your favorite Micro Computer. Use your own controller or choose a kit with the Arduino compatible Robotio USB IO Sensor Servo Controller option.

Configurable Gripper & Tool Head

The ArmUno 2.0 Parallel Link Robotic Arm gripper can be mounted in Horizontal or Vertical Orientation for flexible payload manipulation. ArmUno 2.0 arm kit also Features a bracket for a HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor to give your robot Sonic Sight. Optional Protio Wings make for easy prototyping with additional sensors.

3D Print Custom Base KitBash Models

You can now 3d print a custom base housing for your ArmUno robot arm. This is a nice way to hide battery's and even the Micro Controller board and wiring. The TinkerCad Kitbash 3d model format allows easy customization with ready made features or ones of your own design.

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We Love our Customers! - Testimonials

Fun fun fun and did I mention fun? Awesome little kit and a great intro into robotics! One of the reasons I chose this one over some of the others out there, was the included software.

Frank D.

The best arm for the price you can get. This is a fairly strong arm can make it lots stronger with metal geared high torque servo and it would be more stable with some longer screws but no problem for me it was vary useful for what I needed it for I used it for my robot build with 4 big joy sticks connected to the radio sticks and yes you can use this with a regular rc hobby 4ch Controller because it uses standard hobby servo


a great educational robot, at a great price, the MeCon software made it really easy for the kids to get right to playing with the robot, while still introducing them to the principals of arduino control. I recommend this for anyone who wants to try their hand at robotics on a budget.

James L.